Introducing Maxwell, the first AI-powered medication assistant

Medications can be confusing. That’s why we created Maxwell, your intelligent medication assistant. Maxwell is powered by Artificial Intelligence and lives inside the Groove Health app. Forgot to take your blood pressure medication this morning? He’ll help you determine when to take the missed dose. Need directions to the nearest pharmacy? He’s got you covered. Curious about the side effects of your statin? He’ll find them for you. Just ask him!
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Why We Created Maxwell

At Groove Health, we believe that medication adherence tools should include more than just medication reminders. Non-adherence is a complex issue that demands complex solutions, and different people are non-adherent for different reasons. Maxwell uses innovative technology to address the causative factors of non-adherence and drive better medication habits.

Since Maxwell is AI-based, he learns about individuals and their unique medication behaviors over time, leading to personalized interventions. He can answer medication-related questions, send tailored educational content, give words of encouragement and much, much more.

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Our Philosophy

Built on Our 3 E's of Adherence Philosophy

Healthcare professionals understand that successful medication adherence intervention requires an individualized approach. They’re taught to identify an individual’s root cause of non-adherence, and then to address it through dialog and tailored content. So why aren’t medication adherence technologies held to the same standard? We think they should be.

Our digital adherence tools are centered around our 3 E’s of Adherence: Engagement, Encouragement, and Education. By focusing on these three pillars, we hope to end the “one-size-fits-all” approach to medication adherence technologies.

Reach out today to see how our digital adherence solutions can improve adherence and engagement in your population.

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