FAQs - Sharing Progress

To share your medication list:

  1. Open the Groove Health app and click on the "My Meds" tab.
  2. Press the share button (in the top right corner, just left of the "plus" sign).
  3. Select how you would like to send your med list and proceed to send through your selected application.

You can easily share your progress in the Groove Health app with caregivers and loved ones through our Progress Sharing feature.

To Share Your Progress:

  1. Open the Groove Health app and click on the "More" tab.
  2. Under "Progress", click "Share Your Progress."
  3. Click "Add Friend."
  4. Enter your friend's contact information including: first name, last name, and email address.
  5. Keep "Enable Progress Sharing" turned "on."
  6. Select the frequency at which you'd like to share your progress with this friend. Your options are: weekly, biweekly, or monthly.
  7. Enter your name so they know who the report is from!
  8. IMPORTANT: Click "Save." The "Save" button will not be visible unless all of the above fields are filled out completely.